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These steels are mainly used for their stability with respect to temperature: measuring instruments, applications above 150°C.
Ticonam is the name of moulded steels, of the Alnico 600 type, produced by ARELEC. This material is cast and treated at high temperature. It is magnetised in a privileged direction, i.e. that of its greatest length.
The high heat stability of these steels makes them ideal for use in measuring instruments, to obtain perfectly constant signals.
Their shape, which is generally elongated, favours their use with reed switches.
These steels are much less brittle than ferrite magnets, and therefore have a higher impact strength; they can be machined by grinding.
This means that the parts obtained have a smart metallic appearance.
Magnetic characteristics
Br = 12.500 Gauss = 1.250 mT
Hc = 600 Oersted = 50 kA/m
BH max. 5 MGO = 40 kJ/m3
Temperature coefficient: -0.02 % / °C
Max. operating temperature: 500°C
Reversible permeability: 3.5
Density: 7.3
Electrical: yes
Hardness: 650 Hv
Precautions for use
Due to their low resistance to demagnetisation, it is necessary either to use long bars (length 5 to 7 times the diameter), or to magnetise them in position.
Never play with them or cause them to repel each other.
However, the stability of the magnetisation is excellent under normal conditions of use.
The following standard dimensions are particularly recommended due to existing tools and because they are favourable for resistance to demagnetisation.
- Cylindrical bars, cut to a length of approximately 6 times the diameter.
- Broken magnets, the most cost-effective magnets for an equivalent volume. Short magnets must be magnetised in their final magnetic circuit.

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