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Assemblage Magnétique
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Assemblage Magnétique

High specific force, for small dimensions, precise geometry, integrated insulation air gap. This series is ideal for direct use in tooling.

Serie 10000 D

These tool holdfasts have a high contact attraction and a good geometry.
For tooling, handling, positioning, holding metal sheets during cutting operations, securing potting inserts, grounding points for welding.
The magnet and pole pieces are hot pressed into a thick brass ring. The front face is closed off, by filling it with a material that is inert for most chemicals, and then ground.
The rear end has a tapped orifice for mounting purposes. The complete assembly receives an electrolytic treatment. Maximum temperature: 100°C.
By means of the tapped hole at the rear. The component can be inserted into a steel block, without any need to provide an additional insulation ring.
The front face can, after installation, be subjected to final grinding if necessary.

ModelDia. ACDEFPhoto
CF06-101 D8M36124 
CF 06-202 D10M46168 
CF 06-303 D13M46184 
CF 09-401 D16M49206 
CF 12-501 D20M512258 
CF 16-601 D25M616307 
CF 22-712 D32M822357 
CF 30-812 D40M1230459 

Heat series
The C30/C40 models consist of Alnico steel magnets for higher temperature stability.
The assembly is mounted in a non-magnetic stainless steel ring.

ModelDia. ACDEFPhoto
C30 00 Inox34M10304510 
C40 00 Inox45M12405012 

By means of the tapped hole at the rear.
Maximum operating temperature: 250°C.
These magnets are highly concentrated and have a very short field. The air gap must be reduced to the minimum. They therefore need to be ground and can only give their maximum performance on a surface that is also ground.

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