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Modular communication / PLV

Magnetic elastomers are flexible or semi-rigid materials, made from ferrite and polymer binders.
High resistance to water, alcohol, detergents and bad weather, and resistance to temperatures up to a maximum of 70°C. For specific requirements, we can supply you with products that can withstand temperatures up to 130°C and are resistant to certain aggressive oils.
They exist in plates or rolls to be cut out according to required uses, or cut to measure (contact us if you require large quantities).

(2 brown faces), available in small thicknesses.

(in mm)
(in grs/cm²)
Sheets500 x 600plain / adhesive0,520
Rolls30 mètres x 620 mmplain0,520

Flexible magnetic elastomer, coated with standard matt PVC coloured throughout. Printing can then be carried out using PVC inks. The magnetic face is coated, as standard, with a colourless protective varnish.
Recommended for all outdoor applications and for vehicle signs.

(in mm)
(in grs/cm²)
Sheets500 x 600white, blue, yellow0,835
1000 x 600green, red, black
Rolls30 metre coilmatt white as standard
widths in mm 25-30-50-80-100(colour on request)
width de 620 mmmatt white / gloss white
25 metre coilmatt white as standard
widths in mm 13-20(colour on request)
10 metre coil width 1000 mm
laize 1000 mm



Product similar to Decoflex. Recommended for advertising (Fridge magnets and other applications) and for indoor signs.

 DimensionColourThickness (in mm)Force ( in grs/cm²)
Sheets500 x 600matt white0,620
Rolls30 metre coil
width 620 mm
10 metre coil
width 1000 mm

High magnetic performance elastomer, available in three versions:
High magnetic performance elastomer, available in three versions:
- Standard: plain
- Self-adhesive: double-sided adhesive on the non-magnetic face, fairly good resistance to heat and with a texture that provides good mechanical resistance.
- Magnetised on both faces: for the attachment of sandwich sheets.
- The sheets and rolls are normally magnetised on one face only, with poles at a distance of approximately 3.5 mm.

(in mm)
(in grs/cm²)
Sheets500 x 640plain and adhesive1,0 / 1,5 / 2,060 / 80 / 110
500 x 320magnetised on both faces
Rolls30 metre coiladhesive
widths in mm 12.7 - 19 - 25.4 - 50
25 metre coilplain
widths in mm 13 - 20 - 30 - 50


PLACAM/PLACOR Semi-rigid elastomers. These are sheets of flexam/flexor vulcanised onto a white enamelled metal sheet (protected by a peelable film to be removed at the time of use).
For automobile bodywork (ski-rack, driving school, taxi, etc.).

 DimensionTypeThickness (in mm)Force (in grs/cm²)
Formats500 x 640plain and adhesive1,590
500 x 320

 DimensionTypeThickness (in mm)Force (in grs/cm²)
Formats500 x 320plain and adhesive1,5120
500 X 640



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