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Magnets for passenger compartment
Plasto-magnets for detection
Plasto-magnets for motor rotors

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ARELEC offers standard or bespoke products depending on the specific needs of each customer. Colour on request. All materials and surface treatments meet the manufacturers' requirements.

Manufacturing design of INJECTED PLASTO-MAGNETS for motor rotor type applications, or for the detection of movement / speed / position in automobiles, electronics and office computing.

CLIP-ON MAGNET, for attachment on sheet metal or plastic. They can be flush-fitted into narrow uprights. The fact that they are very cost-effective to install, without screws, makes them ideal for large production run applications. They simply clip into place ...

CYLINDRICAL MAGNET, , housed in a plastic body. Grooves ensure that the magnet is firmly secure in the panel, and a collar ensures that it is correctly located.

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Size:760 kB

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