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Sintered Ferrite
Magnetic Elastomer
Neodyme Iron/Boron
Samarium cobalt

Neodyme Iron/Boron

Neodyme pads

Here is the list of standard pad dimensions available from ARELEC in N30H.

0016014N30H ZC51,5
0016015N30H ZC52
0016016N30H ZC62
0016017N30H ZC64
0016019N30H ZC84
0016020N30H ZC104
0016021N30H ZC1010
0016022N30H ZC42
0016023N30H ZC72
0016025N30H ZC158
0016030N30H ZC2210
0016040N30H ZC103
0016041N30H ZC153
0016042N30H ZC223
0016043N30H ZC303
0016044N30H ZC403
0016045N30H ZC53
0016046N30H ZC152
0016047N30H ZC165
0016048ADH SOUTH FACE101
0016049ADH NORTH FACE101

Neodyme blocks

Here is the list of standard block dimensions available from ARELEC.

0016031N30H ZC22184,6
0016032N30H ZC42104
0016033N30H ZC16106
0016034N30H ZC1352
0016035N30H ZC1353,8
0016036N30H ZC2052
0016037N30H ZC5071,5
0016038N30H ZC35147
0016039N30H ZC25113

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