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Sintered Ferrite
Magnetic Elastomer
Neodyme Iron/Boron
Samarium cobalt


Composite material consisting of a thermoplastic matrix and isotropic neodyme-iron-boron powder. The excellent rheological properties of Neoplast enable complex shapes to be produced with the finest geometry.
The product is manufactured by injection under pressure. This technology enables potting and duel injection of plastic + plasto-magnet.
The injection process is well-suited to large and very large production runs.
The moulding possibilities are the same as those of Feplast, and therefore offer the same advantages.
Acceptable tolerances:
From 0.1 to 0.01 mm
Mechanical properties
The compound includes a polymer binder which gives this material a higher resistance to impacts than a sintered ferrite.
This material behaves excellently at high rotation speeds, thanks to its high tensile strength.
Chemical properties
If used in a humid and aggressive medium, it is necessary to provide protection by means of a surface treatment (parylene, paint, resin, etc.).
Magnetic properties
Due to their isotropic nature, these materials can be magnetised in any direction (axial, radial and multipolar). Their excellent coercitivity enables thin-walled geometries to be produced. Due to its lower density, Neoplast is not able to reach the magnetic flux values of Bremag 10, but its shape possibilities are more extensive.
If the validation of the magnet requires a prototype phase, Arelec can provide similar services to those it provides with Feplast.
In case of machining, it is necessary to take two precautions:
- abundant wetting to limit heating; excessive heat irreversibly deteriorates the magnetic properties.
- provide anti-corrosion protection on the machined surfaces, using paint or vaporised resin for example.

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