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Quality Assurance & Total Quality
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Quality Assurance & Total Quality

We use standard Quality tools (statistical process control, etc.) to ensure the regularity and reliability of our products.
Meeting our customers' needs is an essential part of Arelec's policy, and all our efforts contribute to ensuring that we produce products of a constant quality, which fulfil the functions for which they have been created in the best possible manner. Furthermore, the principle of "self-inspection" is the guarantee of reliable quality assurance.

"Total Quality" is the rule of life that ARELEC seeks to establish.

 Control of the entire process

From project design to delivery, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers with total respect for our Quality undertaking. ARELEC is in constant alignment with the highest Quality standards of the automobile and aeronautical industrial sectors. This policy, which has been constantly implemented for many years, sustains the confidence of our customers.

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